MyFitnessPal. Weight, food and exercise monitor
UI & UX Design
Project on usability and UX assessment in design of the product MyFitnessPal (MFP), which is an application for smartphones and tablets. This app helps users to regulate their diet through self-monitoring. Being one of the most popular calorie tracker apps, it allows users to monitor their food, exercise, calories and weight.
A usability study was performed to find the inconveniences participants encountered when using the current MFP app to add food. Both, the usability in a short period of time and over a longer period of time were taken into account. From this first study results showed that the app's level of detail was too precise compared to the user's knowledge. This conflict caused a high rate of guessing about the amount of calories, portion size and about the accuracy of search findings. A short scientific paper was written for this usability test. Based on the conclusions from the usability study, a design goal was formulated to improve the MFP service. It aims to allow users to track their calorie intake and physical exercise over time in a supportive way.
Furthermore, the service should be motivating, trustworthy, mirroring and personal. To establish this, a family of four smart objects was designed consisting of a smart mirror (MyMagicMirror), a food scale (MyFoodPal), a traning sportshirt (MySportPal) and a redesigned smartphone app (MyFitnessPal).
Due to the time available for the project, only the mirror and app, the centerpieces of the family of objects, were tested further in a user experience study. After the study, the context of the service was changed to a gym instead of a home environment to increase the feasibility. Also some adjustments were made to the visualization of information to make it fit better with user's expectation.
Nevertheless, there are still some elements that can be improved in the future. The voice control function of the mirror can, for instance, be improved through more research. Some product elements are based on a futuristic view, which are more suitable to develop over time.
TU Delft, 2013 – Delft, the Netherlands
Project realized with Inge van der Lee, Francien Freijser, Jing Yao, Samuel Verburg and Michiel van Sinderen. Coached by Arnold Vermeeren & Eric Jepma

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