My name is Santiago de Francisco Vela, I'm from Bogota, Colombia. I did my undergraduate degree in Industrial Design at the Universidad de los Andes (2008), and then I did a Master in Design for Interaction at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands (2014). During my stay in Holland I was part of the research group of the DIOPD (Delft Institute of Positive Design) which seeks to stimulate the development of new knowledge from design and support issues related to subjective well-being and human flourishing. With them I developed my master's degree project called "Billy Cash", which explored the emotional dimensions of saving through a digital piggy bank. I am currently a professor at the Design Department of the Universidad de los Andes, where I have taught courses related to design thinking, participatory design, emotional driven design, product design, financial innovation, social innovation and strategic thinking. I co-direct the "Rocio Project" in which we developed strategies for environmental conservation through information and communication technologies and models for new rural economies. The project is part of the program "Conservation and Governance of the Amazon Piedemont", led by Fondo Patrimonio Natural with sponsorship from USAID (U.S Agency for International Development).
Within my interests is the understanding of human behavior as a generator of opportunities that can be translated into solutions, products and services that generate a high emotional and significant impact. During my academic and work experience I have had the opportunity to work with multidisciplinary groups, manage projects and lead creative processes for the generation of new ideas. Recently I have focused on creating links between design and different disciplines through the development of tools that help generate a reflexive position and serve the user to make decisions that impact their emotional and behavioral interests.
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