BILLEGAS, Alcancías de Billetes
Product Design
A collection of moneyboxes, BILLEGAS: a mix between packaging and paper craft, shaped like cartoons and superheroes, which will help protect and keep your money and make more fun and creative the experience of saving. BILLEGAS is a Colombian slang refer to money (specifically for bills), so when you save money on bills, it becomes profitable and efficient. Besides that, under it you'll find a filling form for you to personalized your BILLEGAS by naming it, writing down you propose of saving and the date you decided to start saving.
BILLEGAS’s Brand is already registered at the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce of Colombia. We have manufactured and sell more than 1400 unit; we have participated in different independent design fairs and realized a personalized one for SkandiaCrea. We have been published in The Closet Blog (now THE MAG), BehancePackaging of the worldTrend HunterNo me toques las HelveticasAmplia tu mundo by Redd’sLa mamá de Sara's blog, and The Orange Express. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
Individual Project 2011 – Bogotá, Colombia
Project realized with Alejandra Arce

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