Peelable Book  

A peelable book is a research about how to discover, write and store the story of your life. It is designed as a cylindrical book and each chapter is a layer. Each layer has a specific task that will allow anyone to write his own story in collaboration with the people that surround him. The book cover is an unwinding spiral layer that introduces the purpose of the book.

Layer 1
Create the character: How people see you. How to create your own set of exquisite corpse. A co-creation activity that is intended to be done without letting the other people who are participating to see what was the previous drawing. The structure of the drawings contain The Hat that is the inspiration that is located above the head, all the stories we have in our head. The Face is the representation of your values. The Body is your personality. And the Legs are the ones that guide your ideas.

Layer 2
Build the story: What people know about you. A set of mini stories that can be arrange in different ways in order to discover the puzzle of your life. People will have write about you in each piece of paper. Those papers are paragraphs or stages of the book of your life. At the end the papers could be mix up in order to write, not one, but multiple stories.

Layer 3
Portions of your life: What you want to share with others. Never ending stories written by you to symbolize the creation of a new bond. The structure of the sentences are like this “ to do (something) you’d have to do (something else) so that (something can happens) because...”. This reward is a symbol of a stronger bond, is an action that we do every day collecting different pieces of papers that other people give us and allows you to connect with them, even if they are not there.

Final Layer
Store your Stories: Collect all the pieces of your puzzle and store the inside the book. After collecting all the stories and reflecting on them you can set your new goals for life to continue writing your story.

This is the Final Report if you are interested in read more about this project

TU Delft, 2013 – Delft, the Netherlands
Project led by Marieke Sonneveld and Wim Schermer


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