RAINMOOD is about how people consume rain, a recollection and synthesize of the way they behave and how their mood changes with the weather. In addition, there is a visual report of the different aesthetic of rains, accompanied with powerful concepts. The idea is to present a collection of raincoats designed to a specific audience. The following image was the brief of the project and was presented to different organizations interested in the design and fashion business. Proquinal, Vinyl Fabric Company and Olga Piedrahita, Colombian Fashion Designer among others.

"Open my eyes... I can still heard that annoying and continuously sound over the ceiling... suddenly a deafen thunder... it's raining again... I'm always ready for battle!”

"I can spend hours and hours staring through my window... see those bright drops fall... is a beautiful piece of art... things look prettier touched by the falling jewelry"

"Sometimes beauty is the reason why it rains; sometimes I feel pretty about it... sex appeal is spread by the perfume of the rain"

Universidad de los Andes 2007 – Bogotá, Colombia
Project realized in the Strategic Design Workshop
led by David de los Reyes and Carolina Agudelo


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