Lamppost22 is an interactive lighting installation for people to share, spread and connect in a local area. Lamppost 22 is one of the lampposts of the network of REACH. This lamppost is a central point for the neighborhood and a marketplace to share and exchange tips, lost and found, goods, and more. Once you send your message through a tweet to the lamppost in your neighbourhood, REACH makes sure that the message will be spread around towards other posts in that same neighborhood.

The categories help to structure the messages that can be sent. There are seven categories. By scanning, for example, the red ball QR-code on the post, this brings you to the category website of ‘jobs’. Here you can reply to a message or send one of your own. By adding a hashtag, it will get to the right category so others can easily find your message.
- JOBS: If you are looking for a job, offering one, or have other information related to jobs, you can leave a message with #lp22jobs
- TIPS: Maybe you have tips of the neighborhood. A local new restaurant, or a gym that you love to go to. Share it with #lp22tips

- SERVICES: Are you looking for help to restructure your garden, or can you offer pianolessons or are you good with maths? #lp22services
- GOODS: Buying a new couch but is your old one still worth sitting on? Maybe somebody can still use it. Post it on REACH with. #lp22goods
- FUN: Do you have a good idea for the friday evening? Share ideas to go see a comedian, a festival in the area or music in the city. #lp22fun
- LOST&FOUND: If you have lost your bracelet you got from your family when graduating, or maybe as simple as your dogs toy, find it back. #lp22lostfound
- OTHERS: Anything that does not fit any of the other categories, (maybe just a fun joke you’ve heard), share it in the ‘others’ category. #lp22other

StudioLab, TU Delft, 2013 – Delft, the Netherlands
Project realized with Hiske Elferink, Bouwe de Planque, Robbin Kwa and Maciej Szaniawski. Coached by Ianus Keller and Aadjan van der Helm

Participation in Dag van de Openbare Ruitme 2013



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