Caja de la fortuna  

Inspired by all the good wishes that we want to give to our close ones. The Fortune Box will allow you to bring fortune with 8 special hand-made vegetable soaps. This soaps are elaborated from magical ingredients chosen especially because their mystical properties.  Together with the soaps, there is a protection amulet/jewelry, designed exclusively for Loto del Sur by the plastic artist Mariana Shuk.

I was the Design Director of Cosmétika Ltda and together with Maria Fernanda Morales and Arutza Onzaga (p576), we developed the concept and the idea of the final product. Arutza Onzaga was in charged of the graphic design. Angélica del Valle made all the illustrations. The package design was nominated in the ‘Lapiz de Acero’ Awards in 2010

Cosmétika Ltda 2009 – Bogotá, Colombia
Project led by Johana Sanint


Caja de la Fortuna

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