In 2005 the working areas for the architecture and design students from Los Andes University (Bogotá Colombia) lacked of space, such as workspaces and circulation areas.

The challenge was to interiorly adapt the space, by an architectonic intervention, having better desks, social areas and wide circulation zones. Turning it into a new environment where the ideas and work flow. To achieve that we used structural and furniture elements, like cantilevers, to integrate the social space and to create a flowing composition. Also the working stations were adapted with a wide screen touch surface that was embedded in the walls. In that position they could be used as exhibition panels. When students needed, those screens would pop out the wall turning into desks with different software, a Light Pocket, to improve and take advantage of the light in the working space, and a chair.

Universidad de los Andes, 2005 - Bogotá, Colombia
Project realized with Manuel Rueda and Catalina Medina


El T 1
El T 2
El T 3
El T 4
El T 5
El T 6

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