We wanted to change people mindset during break times while preparing and drinking their coffee. With CoffeetoCreateMusic, the idea of working as a team to prepare the coffee and also the fact that every step of the process has a different feedback to users, allows them to clear their mind by contemplating the beauty of the coffee process. It is therefore important to mention that it is proven that music and natural sounds helps to improve relaxation phases and productivity, having a major effect on the health and wellness of the team members.

The average employee spends at least eight hours working with a few breaks during the day. Proper break times have a positive reaction for stress risk in companies. Also, having these type of mindsets (Cradle2Cradle) aware people of the importance of collaborating between each other, these initiatives are addressed as one of the benefits that improve a good work environment.

Productive and inspiring coffee breaks are beneficial for the healthy office environment. Coffee to Create Music helps you release your stress in a dynamic and fruitful allowing you to come back to your meeting with better and fresh ideas. In addition to the sounds, the transparency of many of the parts in the machine allows the users to see and understand the process.

TU Delft, 2012 – Delft, the Netherlands.
Project realized with Milou Foole, Niké Jenny Bruinsma, Marta Axpe and Steve van Bennekom

Coffee2Create Music
Coffee2Create Scenario1
Coffee2Create Scenario2
Model exploded
Coffee2Create TechnoCycle vs BioCycle
Life Cycle

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