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The development of a support system for surgery training is part of a interdisciplinary investigation between the Faculties of medicine, engineering, management and design. The Project reaches new marketing opportunities in the areas of diagnosis, surgery and training. In this way, BellyBox is a training platform, which brings together the attributes of high fidelity simulation, high educative value, and balance between cost-profit, could compete with the actual Lap trainers that exists on the market.

Today, the trainers are focused on attending the learning problem of the instrument manipulation and the hand-eye coordination, distorted by the scale effect, the lack of tridimensional and feedback of the instruments. With BellyBox we pretend not just to cover the motor and cognitive skills, but also to simulate the tissues and external factors that are involve in a typical real surgery.

All the development is based by the experimentation with early prototyping contrasted with the bibliographic investigation about the elasticity and the physical properties of the abdominal wall, the abdominal cavity, the linea Alba and the abdominal muscles.

Problematic: The training equipment and expenses for the minimally invasive surgeries are high cost
Opportunity: Now days the 10% of 15 million surgeries in the USA are done by MIS; in Europe is expected that in 5 years time the 25% of them are going to be done by MIS; in Latin America and Colombia, the percentage grows to 1% of all operations.

Universidad de los Andes 2008 – Bogotá, Colombia
Project led by Natalia Agudelo

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